We are here to help you with your Power of Attorney requirements. Our service is:

Low cost. From just £75.00 + VAT. Download Lasting Power of Attorney costs & fees.
Simple & straightforward.
Hassle free.


Make your Lasting Power of Attorney in 3 simple steps:

  1. Complete our no obligation ‘Make your Power of Attorney Today’ enquiry form or request a free call back.
  2. We’ll contact you to confirm your requirements and obtain the details we need to draft your Lasting Power of Attorney*.
  3. Make your payment and receive your Lasting Power of Attorney.

It really couldn’t be any easier!

* Important note:

  • Around 1,000 Lasting Power’s of Attorney are rejected each month due to completion errors
  • You have to pay £120 for each Lasting Power of Attorney when you register it. If you make a mistake and it is rejected you have to pay the full amount again.
  • We always speak with our clients and check the Power of Attorney documents are legally valid.
  • Be careful of online services where you simply fill in forms and print off your Lasting Power of Attorney. What checks are carried out to ensure they are legally valid and won’t be rejected?
  • Don’t risk wasting your money. Ensure your Power of Attorney is right first time by using our professional service.

How to make your Lasting Power of Attorney

Why you should make a Lasting Power of Attorney

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